Uneecops Technologies to set up India’s first green hydrogen microgrid project in Leh Region

Uneecops Technologies to set up India's first green hydrogen microgrid project in Leh RegionUneecops Technologies Ltd, a Delhi-based green hydrogen and solar developer, has announced that it will establish the First Green Hydrogen Microgrid Project in the Leh Region for one of India’s largest hydro-power firms.

The company will assist with the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of a green hydrogen-based fuel cell microgrid worth $25,000.We are for the Power Station Guest House in Alchi, Leh.

This ground-breaking venture represents a significant advancement in sustainable energy and will be created at a very high altitude of 3200 feet, making it the world’s first project of its sort. ffectivesolutionThe microgrid project intends to demonstrate the practicality of green hydrogen-based fuel cells as a stable source of electricity for remote and off-grid sites, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

Uneecops Technologies will provide three years of Operations & Maintenance service, assuring the microgrid’s smooth and uninterrupted functioning.

To assist alleviate the effects of climate change, the company is committed to promoting the usage of sustainable energy alternatives.

Uneecops Technologies will be in charge of the project’s design, procurement, and construction, utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.

“We are thrilled to be the first company in India to set up the First Green Hydrogen Microgrid Project in Leh Region and are excited to showcase our green hydrogen-based fuel cell technology at one of the most challenging locations in India. We at Uneecops Technologies are very proud to be at the forefront of this revolutionary technology,” Mr. Piyush Jain, Chairman of Uneecops Technologies, stated.

The project, which is planned to be finished by the end of 2023, would offer a consistent source of power to the main hydro-power company’s guest house at Power Station, Alchi, Leh, for many years to come. Uneecops Technologies is dedicated to creating creative solutions that will help make the world a better and more sustainable place.

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