Top 10 Green Hydrogen Producing Companies In India

10 Green Hydrogen Producing Companies In India

The scarcity of petroleum supplies, along with environmental concerns (growing greenhouse gases), has compelled every country to pursue a zero-carbon economy. India is likewise on track to attain net-zero economic growth by 2070. 

The Indian government is taking numerous initiatives to meet the aim, including transitioning to renewable energy sources, expanding nuclear power plants for energy demands, and using electric vehicles in transportation in the next years. Green hydrogen is also the best alternative for meeting future energy needs due to its greater specific energy (MJ/Kg), abundant availability in nature, and lack of geography limits, as opposed to fossil fuels.

However, because hydrogen is not found in its elemental form, it extracts other hydrogen-containing molecules such as water, and methane. Based on its source hydrogen is classified as

  • Black/Brown/Grey hydrogen – Hydrogen extracted from coal gasification or steam methane reformation. It is a more carbon-intensive process.
  • Blue Hydrogen – Hydrogen is extracted from coal gasification or natural gas but with carbon capturing storage (CCS)
  • Green Hydrogen – Hydrogen is produced from the electrolysis of water with electricity generated from renewable sources.

Hydrogen can be used as a fuel (in transportation and power), a feedstock (in the fertilizer and metallurgy sectors), and a heat source (in the steel, paper, and cement industries).

Green hydrogen adoption will reduce CO2 emissions by 3.6 gigatonnes.

By 2050, its market value might reach $340 billion. Many commercial and public companies in India are involved in the generation of green hydrogen.

List Of Top 10 Green Hydrogen Producing Companies In India

1. Adani New Industries Limited (ANIL)

 Adani New Industries Limited is ranked first on the list of the top ten green hydrogen-producing companies in India. 

It’s a subsidiary of the Adani Group. ANIL plans to invest more than USD 50 billion in the green hydrogen generation ecosystem during the next ten years.

Type: Privet

Headquarter: Ahmedabad 

Business: Manufacturing of green hydrogen, solar panels, and batteries.

Recent activity: Partnership with TotalEnergies (a corporation based in France). TotalEnergies will purchase a 25% stake in ANIL.

2. RIL (Reliance Industries Limited) 

RIL plans to invest $75 billion in renewable energy sources such as green hydrogen generation, solar panels, and wind turbines. RIL intends to manufacture renewable hydrogen for $1 per kilogram.


Headquarter: Mumbai, India

Business-Telecom, New Energy, Petrochemicals, Retail, Textile, Refining, and so on.

Recent Activity: we collaborated with Stiesdal to establish Giga-scale Green hydrogen production in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

3.Larsen & Toubro Limited (L & T) 

It is a major infrastructure-building firm that aspires to be a significant partner in the generation of green hydrogen.

Type: Privet

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Business: hydrocarbons, energy and power, heavy engineering, minerals, mining, and defense

Recent Activity: Commissioned a green hydrogen production plant in Hazira, capable of producing 45 Kg of green hydrogen per day.

Green hydrogen is a $2.5 billion investment in the renewable space.

4. Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL)

Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) is the largest petroleum product marketing corporation in India. By 2030, IOCL hopes to attain 10% green hydrogen generation.

Type: Privet

Headquarter: New Delhi, India

Business: Refining, shipping, and marketing petroleum products is a business. In addition, we are looking at alternative energy sources.

Recent Activity: The construction of its first green hydrogen generation plant at the Mathura Refinery.

5. NTPC Renewable Energy Limited (NTPCREL)

 NTPC Renewable Energy Limited (NTPCREL) is number five. 

It is a subsidiary of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) to obtain energy from renewable sources.

State: Owned Business

Type: Privet

Headquarter: New Delhi, India.

Business: Electricity generation from traditional fossil fuels or renewable sources.

Recent Activity: NTPC is expanding its green hydrogen and ammonia production capacity to 5 GW. NTPC collaborates with Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals (GACL) to achieve its goal of green hydrogen.

6. GAIL (Gas Authority of India Limited) 

GAIL has pledged to minimize carbon emissions and increase the use of renewable energy sources.

Type: StateOwned 

Headquarter: New Delhi, India.

Business: Petrochemical, natural gas, LPG gearbox, and renewable energy are all businesses.

Current Activity: GAIL is currently constructing India’s largest Proton Exchange Membrane electrolyzer in Guna, Madhya Pradesh. It is expected to generate almost 4.3 tonnes of renewable hydrogen each day. It will begin in November.

7. JSW Energy 

JSW Energy is ranked seventh with USD 22 billion in revenue, it is the JSW Group’s second-largest subsidiary firm.

Type: Private

Headquarter: Mumbai, India

Business: Power generating utilizing traditional fossil fuels and renewable energy sources in a business

Current Activity: JSW Energy has teamed with Australian Fortescue Future Industries to raise its renewable energy share to 85% by 2030, up from 30% currently.

8. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is India’s largest crude oil and natural gas business, accounting for 71% of total domestic output. ONGC is seriously considering renewable energy sources.

Type: Public

Headquarter: New Delhi.

Business: Petroleum production as well as renewable energy generation.

Recent Activity: ONGC inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with M/s Greenko ZeroC Private Limited (Greenko) to manufacture green hydrogen and other related derivatives.

The oil and gas company ONGC and its partners intend to invest USD 6.2 billion in a green hydrogen project.

9. BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) 

BPCL is a leading oil and gas firm in India that aspires to address our country’s energy demands.

Type: Public

Headquarter: Mumbai, India 

Business: fuels and services, with an emphasis on renewable energy generation.

Recent Activity: BPCL issued a tender for the construction of a 20 MW electrolyzer plant.

Another bid for the construction of a green hydrogen production facility with a capacity of 5 MW of electrolyzer on July 6, 2022.

10. Hygenco 

Hygiene is not actively involved in the manufacturing of green hydrogen. Rather than building and implementing commercially appealing scaled-up green hydrogen and green ammonia assets.

Type: Private 

Headquarter: Gurugram 

Business: Designing, optimizing, and commissioning end-to-end green hydrogen assets under Build-Own-Operate and Build-Own-Operate transfer models.

Hygenco has recently secured $25 million from the Neev fund. In the next three years, the fund hopes to invest $300 million in green hydrogen projects.