SOLARAD.AI: Making solar plants smart with AI, ML

SOLARAD.AI: Making solar plants smart with AI, ML

There are enough signs that human activity is causing planetary-scale changes on land, in the ocean, and the atmosphere, with dramatic and long-term consequences. 

The key to addressing this is to reduce our reliance on energy generated by fossil fuels, which is the primary cause of climate change. The good news is that we have a lifeline right in front of us. Renewable energy is less expensive than coal and other fossil fuels.

However, managing and forecasting renewable energy generation, particularly from solar plants and battery storage, is a complex and difficult task. This is where companies like can help., co-founded by three IITians—Ravi Choudhary, Bhramar Choudhary, and Haider Abbas—is at the cutting edge of innovative solutions, using deep-tech forecasting models to optimize energy generation and trading.

According to the co-founders, the goal of is to assist India in becoming a solar superpower. They believe that intelligent data-driven products are critical to unlocking profits in the solar industry. To resolve inaccuracies across all data stages, the Solarad team combines deep R&D expertise with forecasting capabilities. Their AI-powered platform enables companies like ReNew to maximize solar energy assets while lowering penalties.

“Our vision is to create a future where energy production and consumption are managed optimally, creating a more sustainable and efficient world. Currently, we are disrupting existing numerical weather prediction (NWP) forecasts with our deep-tech ML-based models,” said Ravi Choudhary, the CEO of this AI-based SaaS startup. recently received $450,000 in funding from India Quotient, a Bangalore-based venture capital fund.

“This will help us accelerate our R&D initiatives, scale up our sales and marketing efforts, and develop automated energy scheduling bringing additional value to our customers,” he revealed. will also prioritize cloud infrastructure expansion to meet increased demand and ensure scalability. The funding will allow the company to expand its solution offerings across Europe and the United States.