ReNew and Sandur Partner to Launch Renewable Energy Plant in Karnataka

ReNew and Sandur Partner to Launch Renewable Energy Plant in Karnataka

Renew Energy Global Plc (ReNew), one of the leading renewable energy companies has announced the commissioning of an investment in a renewable energy project at Kudligi in Karnataka’s Vijayanagara district.

ReNew is involved in this project through its subsidiary Renew Green Energy Solutions Private Limited, which has partnered with Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Limited (SMIORE), a major industrial conglomerate.

The partners had entered into an equity-based agreement to build a power plant that would use wind and solar energy to generate sustainable electricity.

The 33 MW solar power plant and 9.9 MW wind power plant developed by Renew Sandur Green Energy Private Limited are expected to have a significant impact on the region’s renewable energy landscape.

The project aims to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a greener future by harnessing the power of sunlight and wind. According to the company, the plant will use advanced technologies and efficient infrastructure to maximize energy production while minimizing environmental impact.

Bahirji A. Ghorpade, Managing Director of SMIORE, said, “The capital raised through a right Issue has been used in achieving completion of this project. With this, SMIORE will be able to leverage renewable energy to power our metallurgical plants for many years in the future. It is a significant milestone to a sustainable future as our reliance on fossil fuels will reduce and it will help in contributing to Greener Environment.” 

Rahula Kashyapa, Vice-President, Business Development – B2B Business, ReNew, said, “The project would contribute significantly to the region’s renewable energy capacity, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and help combat climate change. ReNew and SMIORE is proud to be at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, and this joint investment marks a significant milestone in their shared commitment to a sustainable future and anticipate the positive impact it will have on the environment and the community.” 

Content Credit: THE HINDU