India Unveils List of Critical Minerals to Drive Clean Energy Initiatives

India Unveils List of Critical Minerals to Drive Clean Energy Initiatives

NEW DELHI, INDIA — The Indian government announced on 28, June 2023, that 30 minerals, including nickel, titanium, vanadium, and tungsten, are critical to the country’s clean energy push.

The federal government previously identified 12 strategic minerals, including lithium, which is a critical raw material for electric vehicle batteries. Lithium reserves were discovered earlier this year in Jammu and Kashmir, a federally administered region.

The government has also asked Jammu and Kashmir to hold lithium auctions as soon as possible, according to Pralhad Joshi, the coal and mines minister.

Mining Secretary Vivek Bharadwaj stated that the government hopes to find more lithium reserves in the region later this year.

According to the government, the 30 identified minerals will be critical to India’s ambition for cleaner technologies in electronics, telecommunications, transportation, and defense.

“We plan to bring out a policy framework for exploration, processing, use, and recycling of critical minerals,” Minister Pralhad Joshi said.

India recently joined the Minerals Security Partnership (MSP), a US-led initiative to develop critical energy minerals supply chains. India will join a group of 12 other countries, as well as the European Union.

The South Asian country, which is one of the world’s leading emitters of greenhouse gases, has been pursuing overseas treaties to secure key minerals in resource-rich countries such as Australia, Argentina, and Chile. By 2070, India hopes to be a net zero emitter of greenhouse gases.

Minister Pralhad Joshi stated, “India and Australia have identified two lithium and three cobalt projects.”

Legacy Iron Ore, which is backed by NMDC, signed a lithium exploration joint venture with Australia’s Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd earlier this month.

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Content Credit: The Energy World