India planning ‘power grid with Saudi Arabia, UAE’

India planning ‘power grid with Saudi Arabia, UAE’

India planning ‘power grid with Saudi Arabia, UAE’

According to Indian media, Union Minister for Electricity and Renewable Energy Raj Kumar Singh, India plans to connect its electricity system to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates via undersea cables. 

According to the article, Singh’s ministry has already distributed Cabinet notes for inter-ministerial consultation to increase access to reliable power and strengthen the country’s energy security.

According to the article, after the Cabinet approves the move, India would negotiate bilateral deals with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

“The India-UAE agreement is in its final stages,” the minister stated. 

As part of the One Sun, One World, One Grid effort, India and the UAE announced plans in January to perform a feasibility study for connecting their power grids via undersea cables.

According to Singh, an interconnectivity power grid with Saudi Arabia is now being considered. 

The Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority granted Hitachi Energy of Japan a contract in March to upgrade Saudi Arabia’s Al-Fadhili high-voltage direct current converter station.

The power station is anticipated to trade up to 1,800 MW between the six Gulf states after the refurbishment.

GCCIA also granted five $220 million contracts for the construction of infrastructure connecting the region’s energy grid to Iraq.

The Saudi Electricity Company is also thinking of developing and building a power transmission link between the Kingdom and Iraq.

According to the Middle East Economic Digest, the SEC has begun basic research to carry out the project. 

The project is intended to run from Arar in northern Saudi Arabia to Yousifiyah in Iraq’s Baghdad governorate.

The MEED report also said that the tendering procedure for the project’s consultancy package is now ongoing. 

During an interview with Arab News in January, Majeed Al-Moneef, chairman of the Saudi Association of Energy Economics, stated that international and regional cooperation is critical to managing rising electricity demand. 

According to Al-Moneef, establishing a shared grid will alleviate the problem of electricity shortages. 

He went on to say that the Middle East will soon have a common energy market supported by a competent regulatory framework.

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