Greenfuel Energy partners with Ventrex for green energy control solutions

Greenfuel Energy partners with Ventrex for green energy control solutions

To bring cleaner natural gas and hydrogen solutions to India, Greenfuel Energy Solutions, a leading provider of clean transportation options, has joined forces with Ventrex, a global expert in electronic pressure control for CNG, LNG, and H2.

According to the corporation, Greenfuel has a market share of approximately 35% of the CNG component market.

The business is anticipating growing and offering its cutting-edge natural gas and green hydrogen solutions to the Indian market. Natural gas, a vital component of a low-carbon future, and hydrogen provide a rapid and affordable solution to meet the needs of emissions laws, including decarbonizing road transportation and enhancing air quality in cities. When produced from renewable sources, they essentially emit no particles during combustion and provide totally carbon-neutral transportation.

Ashok Chaudhary, President of Greenfuel Energy Solutions, said, “We are excited to partner with a global leader like Ventrex. By combining our expertise and resources, we can confidently cater to our Indian customers with the best quality clean mobility solutions. Today, Ventrex is the expert and the first port of call for developing and producing H2 valves and electronic pressure regulators for the heavy-duty segment. And together with our combined advanced technologies, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and disrupt the Indian clean mobility solutions market.”

For alternative powertrain systems and cooling circuits, Ventrex, a global pioneer in automotive valve solutions, designs and manufactures a variety of valve types as well as electronic pressure regulators. The company successfully started transferring this technology to the even more environmentally friendly hydrogen applications a few years ago after selling more than 8,00,000 electronic pressure regulators to customers in Europe and Asia. This was made possible by the company’s extensive knowledge and years of experience in serial production in the field of electronic pressure regulators for CNG and LNG.

On the potential of the CNG & H2 components market, Patrick Pfeifer, Head of Sales at Ventrex, said, “We still believe that CNG, and now also H2, are valuable technologies in support of a greener future. This is why, in Europe, we continue pushing these technologies in the heavy-duty segments, where most vehicles drive on Diesel. In India the situation is different and, in addition to the heavy-duty segment, we see big potential also with passenger cars. After more than two years of conversations, we believe Greenfuel – an established name in the CNG market – is the right partner to introduce our products to the Indian market. During this visit, we discussed how we can accelerate the transition to emission-free mobility in India together.”

In order to achieve the objectives of exponential technological advancement, development, and growth and to support the vision of a sustainable and environmentally friendly future, Greenfuel is devoted to offering solutions. Greenfuel, a well-known brand in the CNG industry, is among the biggest suppliers of automotive parts to OEMs in India for use in vehicles that use alternative gas fuels. Greenfuel has now produced world-class Lithium-Ion Battery Packs on its own, tested for harsh Indian circumstances while fulfilling the most exacting requirements of the worldwide market, the business stated, with a vision to support India’s e-Mobility movement.

Content Credit: ET Auto