Gensol Secures PLI Bid for State-of-the-Art Electrolyser Facility as Part of India’s Green Hydrogen Initiative

Gensol Engineering, in collaboration with Matrix Gas & Renewables—a leading green hydrogen infrastructure developer and natural gas aggregator—has proudly announced their achievement in securing manufacturing capacity for a state-of-the-art Electrolyser Plant.

This development is part of the Sustainable Hydrogen Innovation & Green Hydrogen Technologies (SIGHT) program, marking a significant advancement in India’s commitment to embracing green hydrogen as a key element of its decarbonization and net-zero emission strategies.

The awarded project boasts a manufacturing capacity of 63 MW per annum, positioning it as a major contributor to India’s ambitious target of generating 5 million metric tons of green hydrogen annually by 2030. This goal is in line with the national Green Hydrogen Mission, which is further supported by the Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme. These efforts underscore a collective commitment to achieving net-zero emissions and fostering sustainable development.

“Gensol, leveraging this opportunity, aims to foster global partnerships, technological exchange, and innovation. Together, we are set to catalyse the adoption of green hydrogen globally, marking a new era in energy sustainability,” 

Ali Imran Naqvi, CEO – EPC business at Gensol Engineering, expressed enthusiasm.

Chirag Kotecha, the whole-time director at Matrix Gas and Renewables, highlighted the competitive selection process their consortium underwent, standing out among major conglomerates due to their technological expertise and manufacturing experience.

“Electrolyser manufacturing is a cornerstone of our strategic initiative, aligning seamlessly with our ambition for large-scale decarbonization through the deployment of green hydrogen production plants,”

Kotecha stated. 

He further emphasized the company’s dedication to engineering, procurement, commissioning, and build-own-operate models, aiming to utilize their combined capabilities to establish a cutting-edge electrolyser manufacturing facility.

The partnership between Gensol and Matrix, both companies fostered by common promoters, signifies a continued collaboration in the green hydrogen sector. This collaboration aims to capitalize on the unique skill sets each entity brings to the table, furthering the advancement of green hydrogen technology.

This initiative not only highlights the companies’ commitment to sustainable energy but also positions India as a leader in the global transition towards cleaner, greener energy solutions. Through such innovative projects, Gensol Engineering and Matrix Gas & Renewables are setting the stage for a sustainable future, demonstrating the vital role of green hydrogen in achieving global decarbonization goals.