GAIL, LanzaTech team up for biorecycling carbon waste

GAIL and LanzaTech team up for biorecycling carbon waste

GAIL (India) Limited, the biggest natural gas company in India, has joined hands with LanzaTech Global, Inc. to explore advanced technologies that align with GAIL’s Net Zero 2040 goals. These innovative options could also contribute to broader efforts for global decarbonization by utilizing waste carbon to create valuable products.

A pilot-scale CO2 collection and conversion project that could serve as a model for turning CO2 into usable materials rather than releasing it into the atmosphere is being investigated by GAIL and LanzaTech.

The project will enable resource utilization where the constituent parts of ordinary consumer goods are concerned by fusing LanzaTech’s carbon capture and utilization technology with GAIL’s renewable H2 and CO2 gas streams.

“The possibilities coming out of this collaboration with LanzaTech are very promising and significant to improving our carbon footprint,” said Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of GAIL. “Using LanzaTech’s cutting-edge technology will enhance our environmental stewardship and open up new avenues for driving sustainability across our operations.”

“Waste CO2 can be used to make the things we need,” said Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, LanzaTech’s CEO and Board Member of the US-India Strategic Partnership. “By combining LanzaTech’s expertise in carbon recycling with GAIL’s commitment to reducing emissions and implementing renewable projects, this project has the potential to turn CO2 from an environmental liability to a value-added product. CO2 can be the raw material of the future, enabling fossil carbon to stay underground. We look forward to launching our collaboration with GAIL to make this vision a reality.”

The recycling method developed by LanzaTech operates similarly to a brewery: special bacteria devour carbon-rich industrial waste and transform it into CarbonSmartTM chemicals that are used to make rubber, plastics, synthetic fibers, and fuels. Consumer goods like apparel, laundry detergent, and sustainable aviation fuel (“SAF”) are constructed using these materials. With the use of LanzaTech’s technology platform, people will be able to use everyday necessities without relying on materials made from new fossil fuels in the future.

By working together, GAIL and LanzaTech hope to raise the bar for carbon utilization and offer a convincing model for using CO2 gas streams that would otherwise be released as greenhouse gases. A significant step in GAIL’s larger energy transition to attain Net Zero and its quest for sustainable development is the agreement between GAIL and LanzaTech Global Inc.

About GAIL

The largest natural gas company in India, GAIL, has its headquarters in New Delhi. It has a variety of business interests across the natural gas value chain, including trading, transmission, LPG production and transmission, LNG re-gasification, petrochemicals, city gas, exploration and production, etc. It is the owner and operator of a network of about 15,400 km of natural gas pipelines that span the whole nation. To further improve the spread, it is also executing many pipeline projects at once. GAIL controls a market share of over 70% in gas transmission and more than 50% in gas trading in India. In addition, GAIL is increasing its involvement in alternative energy sources like solar, wind, and biofuel.

About LanzaTech

LanzaTech Global, Inc., with headquarters in Skokie, Illinois (Nasdaq: LNZA), collects waste carbon and converts it into materials for sustainable fuels, textiles, packaging, and other goods. LanzaTech’s technology platform illustrates a future where customers are not dependent on new fossil feedstocks for everything in their everyday lives. It does this by using a range of waste feedstocks. To enable a new circular carbon economy where carbon is repurposed rather than wasted, the sky and oceans are maintained clean, and pollution disappears, LanzaTech’s mission is to challenge and transform how the world utilizes carbon. Visit for more info on LanzaTech