FedEx launches carbon emissions measurement tool in India

FedEx launches carbon emissions measurement tool in India

FedEx introduced a new tool to assist clients understand the carbon emissions of their shipments on Monday in Mumbai. FedEx Sustainability Insights (FSI), a new application, allows users to calculate the carbon footprint of their deliveries inside the FedEx network. Companies can utilize the information to inform their future shipping strategy and lessen their environmental effect.

Because it is so important in combating climate change, sustainability in the ecosystem of the supply chain has become more important than ever. A research by UNGC-Accenture found that the supply chain is responsible for almost 60% of all global carbon emissions. Therefore, it is crucial to take action to cut the carbon emissions caused by supply chain requirements.

The technology was developed by FedEx Dataworks, a cloud-based data engine that uses data that is nearly real-time to estimate CO2 emissions. Clients can examine past aggregate data for their accounts as well as emissions data for specific tracking numbers. All eligible FedEx Express shipments are listed together with their mode of transportation, service type, and nation or territory in the tool.

Kami Viswanathan, senior vice president of FedEx Express Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and Africa operations, said in a statement, “Reporting on sustainability and using this data to inform decision-making has become a business priority. Simultaneously, consumers are prioritizing sustainability in their purchasing decisions.”

The company’s continued efforts to achieve carbon-neutral operations by 2040 include the launch of this new service. FedEx is putting a lot of effort into areas like electrifying its pickup and delivery trucks, employing more cost-effective facilities, fuels, and fleets, and making investments in natural carbon capture.

About FedEx

FedEx is a company that provides a range of transportation, e-commerce, and business services worldwide. It is one of the largest delivery services companies in the U.S., and the second in annual revenue only to the United Parcel Service. 

FedEx was founded in 1973 as the Federal Express Corporation by Frederick W. Smith, a graduate of Yale University. It was one of the first major delivery services to offer overnight options as part of its flagship service