EcoKaari: A Social Enterprise that Empowers Women and Promotes Sustainability 

EcoKaari: A Social Enterprise that Empowers Women and Promotes Sustainability 

EcoKaari is a social enterprise based in Pune, India, that upcycles single-use waste plastic into handwoven fabrics and products using traditional charkha and handloom. According to their website, in FY22, EcoKaari upcycled almost 17 lakh waste plastic bags and wrappers, thus preventing them from going into landfills and ocean. For the current fiscal, they are targeting 47.5 lakh

EcoKaari is also providing livelihoods for women and youth artisans from humble backgrounds 

EcoKaari transforms waste plastic into beautiful fabrics and products

EcoKaari is a social enterprise that upcycles waste plastic into beautiful handcrafted fabrics using charkha (spindle) and handloom. These fabrics are then used to make various products such as bags, wallets, pouches, home décor items, and more. EcoKaari’s mission is to conserve the environment and enable livelihoods for rural women and youth, who are the main artisans behind the products.

EcoKaari is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and his vision of self-reliance and sustainability

EcoKaari was founded in 2017 by Nandan Bhat, a mechanical engineer who was inspired by the work of Mahatma Gandhi and his vision of self-reliance and sustainability. Bhat developed a unique process of converting waste plastic into yarn, which can be woven into fabric without any chemicals or electricity. 

They partnered with the Deccan Development Society, a grassroots organization that works with poor women in Andhra Pradesh, to train them in the art of spinning and weaving. Since then, EcoKaari has expanded its network of women artisans across India, providing them with a steady income and a sense of dignity and pride.

EcoKaari’s products are eco-friendly, vegan, ethical, and sustainable

EcoKaari’s products are not only eco-friendly, but also vegan, ethical, and sustainable. They are made from waste plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills, oceans, or incinerators, causing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. By upcycling plastic, EcoKaari prevents it from harming the environment and wildlife and also saves natural resources such as water, energy, and cotton. EcoKaari’s products are also durable, biodegradable, and easy to maintain, making them a smart and green choice for consumers. 

 EcoKaari Supports Social and Gender Equality for SDGs

EcoKaari’s impact goes beyond the environment and the economy. It also contributes to social development and gender equality, which are essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). According to the United Nations, women’s empowerment is integral to each of the 17 goals, as women and girls are more affected by environmental degradation and climate change, but also have different perspectives, concerns, and ideas for change. EcoKaari empowers women by giving them the opportunity to learn new skills, earn a decent income, and participate in decision-making. EcoKaari also educates and sensitizes the public about the importance of reducing plastic waste and supporting local artisans. 

EcoKaari’s movement and community by buying and sharing its products

 EcoKaari is a shining example of how women’s empowerment and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand, and how social enterprises can create positive change in the world. EcoKaari’s motto is “Humanising Fashion”, which reflects its vision of creating products that are not only beautiful, but also ethical, sustainable, and empowering. EcoKaari invites everyone to join its movement and support its cause by buying its products, spreading the word, and becoming a part of its community.