Deloitte India Launches Program to Reduce Carbon Footprint of Software

Deloitte India Launches Program to Reduce Carbon Footprint of Software

Deloitte India introduced the Enterprise Conscious Code initiative, a program focused on sustainable, inclusive, and accessible software development. This initiative is designed to reduce emissions from software by up to 30%. Announced during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024, the initiative represents a major step in advancing sustainable and responsible software development. It aligns with global efforts to decrease carbon emissions, enhance energy efficiency, and promote accessibility for all users.

“The Enterprise Conscious Code (ECC) combines everything a company needs – the triple Ps of the bottom line – people, planet, and profits,” it said.

The Code provides methods for creating environmentally sustainable software, advocating for practices that support a more eco-conscious planet. Presently, the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector is responsible for approximately 3% of global carbon emissions, amounting to about 1.58 billion tons annually. Within this percentage, ECC can potentially decrease emissions from software alone by up to 30%. This reduction in energy usage and storage results in notable cost savings, as noted by Deloitte.

“We are proud to introduce this new initiative, as a testament to our commitment towards sustainable growth of the technology industry.” “Innovation must go hand in hand with our responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of technology. By embracing such conscious practices, we aim to lead the way in creating software solutions that not only meet the highest standards of performance but also contribute to a greener and more inclusive future,” he added.

Romal Shetty, CEO, Deloitte South Asia said.

For example, there are 200 million active websites in India alone. Deloitte India said it analyzed popular Indian websites and found that each website emits, on average, CO2 equivalent to a petrol car covering 10km per user, assuming all pages are viewed. This is also equivalent to CO2 absorbed by nearly 20 trees per day. Deloitte said that emissions from core software often go unnoticed, quietly adding to greenhouse gases.