CLASP Collaborates with EESL to Accelerate India’s Net Zero Transition

CLASP Collaborates with EESL to Accelerate India’s Net Zero Transition

The 14th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM14) side event on “Accelerating India’s Net Zero Transition through Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Cooling, & Mobility” saw CLASP and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support EESL’s 10 million Energy-Efficient Fans program, which will aid India’s transition to Net Zero Carbon Emissions. 

The ceremony was attended by members of the Ministry of Electricity, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, and state ministers from Andhra Pradesh and Orissa among others.

CEM14 is a big event where energy ministers, business leaders, important decision-makers, and experts from around the world come together to join hands and work on projects that make energy use better and more efficient in all areas.

The 10 million Energy-Efficient Fan program, which intends to shift India’s market toward energy-efficient ceiling fans, was unveiled by Vishal Kapoor, CEO of EESL, at the occasion. India could cut 15% of its yearly home electricity use if it increased the efficiency of all of its ceiling fans.

In accordance with the cooperation agreement, CLASP will support EESL’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control program by providing technical assistance and capacity building (QAQC).

Vishal Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer, of EESL, said, “These partnerships and collaborations reinforce EESL’s commitment to driving energy efficiency and sustainability in various sectors. By pooling our expertise and resources with experts, we will accelerate the pace of India’s transition towards clean energy solutions. EESL remains dedicated to promoting a clean, sustainable, and inclusive energy future while addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with energy efficiency.”

Bishal Thapa, Senior Director, CLASP, said, “A program of this scale and nature is a true representation of the collaboration needed to keep our planet cool amid rising temperatures. CLASP applauds EESL’s efforts in bringing together several organizations, who will bring their shared expertise to work towards a single goal of enabling efficient cooling in India.”

Content Credit: SME STREET