About Us

Net Zero Wired

A platform dedicated to Net Zero Information

Net zero is not a technology/solution that a company or an organization or an individual can develop or invent. Its a lifestyle that everyone have to adopt. Everyone have to be responsible for their carbon foot print. Its time to take the accountability.
Sadly 99% of us don’t even know what is Net Zero and why it is important. 
So via this platform Net Zero Wired, we are trying to make you aware of what all is happening around us.  

What we do?

Our Team

Ankit Sharma


Ankit Sharma is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Net Zero Wired platform and All India EV platform.
Since the first day of his first job, Ankit has been working in the Renewable energy sector.

Sanju Gupta

Market Analyst

Our Advisors

Megha Rawat

Megha Rawat, COO of deMITasse Energies.
She is our advisor for the Energy Storage

Vijay Prateik

Vijay Prateik, CEO of deMITasse Energies.
He is our advisor for the Energy Storage

Sujoy Chourasia

Sujoy Chourasia, Founder of eOxigen Automotove.
He is our advisor for the EV Industry and Energy Storage Industry of India

Raj Singh Niranjan

Raj Singh Niranj is the Managing Partner, Trans India Law Associates (TILA) & Legal Advisor.
He is our advisor for the Energy Laws of India